What is Green Discourse?

Perspective Taking

Qualities of Green Discourse Communication
Communication Purpose
  • We engage in discussion not just to exchange information, but to deeply understand each other's experiences and perspectives. Our purpose is to create a shared meaning that transcends our individual viewpoints and resonates with the collective consciousness. We aim for our discourse to bridge differences and foster a sense of unity and belonging within our community.
Approach to Communication
  • We approach communication holistically, believing that every interaction is an opportunity for growth and connection. Our conversations are characterized by attentiveness and mindfulness, making space for each person's feelings and thoughts. We strive to be non-judgmental, open, and fully present, realizing that the process of communicating is as important as the content shared.

View of Opposition
  • We see opposition not as a threat but as a valuable element of discourse. It is through the friction of diverse ideas that we find opportunities for deeper understanding and innovation. We recognize that each viewpoint can contribute to a more nuanced and enriched collective perspective. Opposition, for us, is an invitation to explore and learn, rather than a battle to be won.
Handling of Conflict
  • We handle conflict with a spirit of empathy and reconciliation. When disagreements arise, our priority is to maintain the harmony and bonds of our community. We seek to comprehend the underlying needs and emotions that fuel the conflict and address them with compassion and sensitivity. Our aim is to transform conflict into a catalyst for collective growth and understanding.
Approach to Resolution
  • We approach resolution through a process of collaborative problem-solving. We work together to find solutions that honor all viewpoints and meet the needs of the entire group. Our focus is on creating outcomes that are fair, equitable, and sustainable, considering the long-term well-being of our community. We believe that the path to resolution lies in dialogue and mutual accommodation, rather than compromise or sacrifice.
Decision Making Process
  • We engage in a decision making process that is inclusive and participatory, valuing each person’s input. We strive for consensus, where decisions are agreed upon by all as the most holistic and representative reflection of the group's collective will. Our process is iterative and flexible, allowing for ongoing input and refinement as we seek a decision that amplifies our shared values and purposes.
Values in Discourse
  • We hold in high regard values such as empathy, respect, and authenticity in our discourse. We cherish the diversity of human experience and the richness it brings to our conversations. Our communication is imbued with the intention to build trust and foster connection, recognizing that through our shared humanity we can create a more compassionate and just world.
Outcome Orientation
  • We orient our discussion outcomes towards the cultivation of mutual understanding and collective action. We value processes that lead to transformative change and the empowerment of every participant. The success of our discourse is measured not just by the decisions that are made, but by the deepening of relationships and the reinforcement of our community's shared ideals.

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