Understand anything. Miss nothing.

Context pairs the world’s most popular leadership, business and mental frameworks with powerful AI so you get more done, faster, and with more clarity and understanding.

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Context is used by:

  • Corporate Executives Investors Consultants Business Owners Entrepreneurs Foundations Project Managers Lobbyists Design Thinkers Strategists Nonprofit Leaders Leadership Coaches Academics Product Managers Change Managers Policy Analysts Grad Students Think Tanks

The sheer potency of this tool is difficult to express in words alone. It's been a transformative milestone in my professional journey.

Toby Marks

Product Manager

The world’s most powerful sounding board at your fingertips

Overcome the "Cold Start" Problem

Generate your favorite frameworks in seconds to save time and quickly understand something you're thinking about.

Get Instant, Deep Insight

At least half of value-creating work today is first deciding the right way to think about something. By leveraging Context AI's "metacognition" to help, get ready to have the biggest picture view of anyone in the room.

Eliminate Blindspots

We love ChatGPT, but standard AI relies on framing prompts limited by what you already know. Leaders need to see in new ways, through mental frameworks they wouldn't know to ask for. Context instantly eliminates these blindspots.

Large & Rapidly-Growing Library

Instantly frame your contexts, topics and issues in a visual form using dozens of popular frameworks across business, entrepreneurship, strategy, social change and more

Who's Using It?

The world has gotten more complex, and we all swim in hundreds of contexts every day. But we knew there was a way to use the smartest mental frameworks and AI to simplify, understand, and navigate any issue with greater insight and effectiveness. We’re proud to serve:

Executive Leaders

Navigate key issues every week by building strategies, analyzing options, assessing risks and more, all while building a bigger, more strategic mind over time

Nonprofit Organizations & Foundations

Deepen your theories of change by mapping your programs' key assumptions, stakeholders, and scenarios

Business Coaches and Consultants

Enhance your client experience and coaching methods with the power of leadership development frameworks

Entrepreneurs & Startups

Simplify the complexity of product development, customer value propositions, and pivot decisions with clarity and insight

Government & Public Policy

Map, understand and iterate your policy initiatives with unprecedented depth and stakeholder sensitivity

Educational Institutions

Map any academic terrain while equipping your students to think at a complexity that matches that of the 21st century

Sounding Board Topics, Elevate Projects

Sounding Board Topics, Elevate Projects

Context is built to offer speed and complexity, perfect both for quick understanding and navigating longer-term projects.

For Quick Insights or Simple Leadership Contexts

Create a standalone framework in seconds anytime you just need to quickly frame or understand something you're thinking about. New insight, perspective or framing in seconds

For Longer-Term or More Complex Contexts

Create a "Project" to organize an entire landscape of frameworks that help you lead projects, manage clients, understand strategies, etc.

Get New Insights - it's free

It's free, no upfront credit card required

Chris Orrey

Retired police lieutenant/grad student

Context has made my work and studies come alive... and will take police leaders—or any leaders—to the next level in their growth.

Josh Leonard

Organizational & Leadership Consultant

Context is a complete game-changer in my work as an organizational learning and development consultant. It has become a daily part of my project workflow.

Bryan Plasters

Web3 Venture Capitalist

Shining an idea through Context's lenses is like outsourcing research to a specialized team, leading to an expanded view with multi-faceted perspectives in merely minutes.

Context is more than just a tool, it's a revolution in how we perceive, process, and participate in the world around us.

Corey deVos

Online Editor